Compilation of visual storytelling projects for Stefan Pavlovic, director and filmmaker based in Amsterdam.

Compilación de proyectos visuales para las historias de Stefan Pavlovic, director y cineasta radicado en Amsterdam.

When the Dragon Came
Illustrated Movie Posters
A poetic documentary about two people moving through the same landscape, separately. Watch Trailer.

Still Moving Vehicles
Book Design

“A fictive, archival film project on a passed time (an important time), a group of  friends, and a changed place. An attempt to reach and speak to 'lost' material from the point of the now.”

Illustrated Movie Posters
A collaborative, nomadic film tracing music through Armenia. Watch Trailer.

There is water and there is land
Animated Poem

“A poem / trying to smoothly move from one place to the next, but kinda one space”. Created under 24 hours for Hellavision Television’s Episode 3. Watch the full Hellavision Television episode here.

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